GOS’s Responsible Investment Policy

GOS means GOS Consulting Oy, its subsidiaries and investments vehicles managed by GOS.

GOS’s approach towards responsible investing

GOS is an independent financing provider that invests in Finnish small and medium sized enterprices.

GOS fund investors (LPs) are typically institutional investors such as pension insurance companies, pension funds, investment funds, investment companies and life assurance companies from Finland and other European countries. LPs may also include private investors as well as banks or their investment vehicles.

GOS’s investment decisions stress repayments ability based on cash flow analysis, yet financing is additionally secured with collateral when possible.

At GOS, the responsible investment principles are considered as part of decision-making process.

GOS is committed to responsible investing. As a financing provider, GOS sees responsible investing as an important aspect when evaluating the rapayment capacity of the portfolio companies’ as well as when managing investment risks. GOS understands stakeholders’ ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) expectations and aims to be a good corporate citizen. GOS follows the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

ESG matters

GOS has identified number of material ESG matters to considered in decision-making processes. These ESG matters include inter alia:


• Climate change impacts

• Waste management

• Environmental permits

• Pollution and contamination


• Employee health and safety

• Job satisfaction and employee wellbeing

• Human rights Governance matters

• Code of Conduct throughout the value chain


• Purpose driven strategy regarding sustainability

• High level of business ethics

• Complying with applicable and relevant laws and regulations

At GOS, ESG related matters are reviewed and discussed regularly in the investment team and investment committee meetings. GOS’s Responsible Investment policy will be reviewed and amended when necessary.

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