Accounting and Financial Statements

GOS accounting services operate completely digitally and offer a comprehensive range of services from monthly accounting to financial statements and reporting to the authorities. You can outsource your financial management department to us completely, or choose the right service package for you. Our accounting firm services are already used by a group of more than 500 companies, ranging from one-person companies to public companies.

We employ more than 40 professionals and our customers always get their own designated team of experts who are responsible for managing the company’s financial administration. Thanks to our team of experts, our customer service is guaranteed, and you are always able to reach a person who knows your company.

Accounting firm services also include payroll and HR services. Please check our comprehensive payroll and HR services here.

GOS accounting services is an authorized accounting firm and a member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms


We only use SaaS (Software as a Service) systems that are available to everyone: Fennoa, Netvisor and Procountor. We are part of their partner programs and for Procountor we are a Platinum partner. Fully digital systems make it easy to change accounting firm, as it is enough for the company to just give the new accounting firm a username. The new accounting firm can continue to prepare accounting almost seamlessly, even in the middle of the financial year. We want to provide a high-quality service that is competitive in terms of total cost to our customers, not binding them to ourselves with a closed software environment.

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