Research & Analysis


Our Research & Analysis Department

Offers analysis- and risk management services mainly for capital investors, fund investors, banks and public financiers.

In Company Analysis

we examine the business essentials and future views in the aspect of a financier. We determine the need for financing, the repayment capability and necessary instruments for financing. Our service for financiers covers the entire process, from inquiries to target company control and portfolio reporting.

In Briefing

we come up with profit-, balance- and cash flow forecasts. In addition, we valuate the company based on the cash flow system, using the free cash flow model. As tools we use our custom forecast models. At the same time we determine the debt capacity and/or equity prices.  Afterwards, appropriate financing instruments are selected for the applicant, along with a investment/financing memo, to help the financier make their decision.

Target company surveillance

happens automatically on a monthly level, with our GOS Financial Intelligence service. This service in term makes possible for instance automatic covenant surveillance, and our built-in early-warnings system takes risk management to a new level. Our services allow for dynamic pricing on the debt instruments.


The Research & Analysis department is managed by partner Miika Hakola


GOS Consulting Oy has completed a project with the European regional development fund. The aim for this project was to develop a versatile channel for information, between company management, financiers, investors and difeent interest groups. Duration of the project 25.9.2016 to 31.12.2017