Corporate Finance




We Finance

Finnish companies either as liability, or as a part of a larger financing scheme. Financing can be dealt as either equity or liability. With our partners we can act as financiers in all stages of maturity for the company, all the way from seed money, to financing level optimizations and ownership setup. Financing needs may be related from growth/compensation investments or to working capital. 


Our Financing Decisions

are based on the ground breaking GOS Dashboard tool for forecasting. Together with the company management, the profit, balance, and cash flow statements are made. All financing decisions are made on the basis of these results.


We always create

a written GOS CIA -report on the applicable companies, which includes a business analysis, in conjunction with the profit-, balance- and cash flow forecast. With this report, the business can apply for financing from any other supplier. The report includes a comprehensive database on the company for any financing decision, for example to be used with ELY, Finnvera, banks, investors etc.