Accounting Services


Accounting & Payroll

Our customers always get their own contact person who takes responsibility for the company's accounting and payroll. This ensures that there are no discrepencies resulting from absence, and that a acquainted personnel is always at hand.

Natrually we take care of tax reports and tax return-preparations. We offer both official and Pro Forma closing statements for large organizations.

Process Development

The first step of developing financial processes is to migrate to a fully cloud-based accounting system. Gone are the days of paper handling, binders, physical receipts and of many other unprofitable activities. Rolling out Procounor- or Netvisor -software is a good starting place, but as with many other powerful tool, only a professional can get the full profit from it. We have a lot of experience on migrating entire accounting databases between services. Rest assured with us securing your data to a realm of cloud-based accounting.


Official Reports

We take care of all regular monthly- and yearly reporting to authorities. We also handle project funding reports to instances such as TEKES and ELY, should your company be a startup or an old timer.



We only use cloud-based applications: Procountor and Netvisor. We ale officially in a partner program with these service providers. On behalf of Procountor, we are a Platinum-Partner. Only 17 other insances beside of rank as high as us in the partner program. Fully cloud-based systems make, changing accounting houses for instance, real simple. Only a user profile setup for the new accounting team is needed for a seamless switch. We wish to produce a competitively priced service for our clients, and not tie them to us with a custom system.


We know how a company can most benefit from a modern cloud-based accounting system.